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Xi congratulates Algeria´s Bouteflika on re-election

Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Abdelaziz Bouteflika Saturday on being re-elected president of Algeria.

Chinese premier stresses protection of local chronicles

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday stressed better compilation and protection of local chronicles nationwide.

50 dead, 174 rescued, 252 still missing from S. Korea´s sunken ferry

The death toll of South Korea´s sunken ferry has risen by 14 to 50, with those missing falling to 252.

Japanese official worships notorious Yasukuni Shrine

Chairman of Japan´s National Public Safety Commission Keiji Furuya on Sunday visited notorious war- linked Yasukuni Shrine ahead of the shrine´s spring festival from Monday to Wednesday, local media reported.

  • Veolia chairman apologizes over Lanzhou water scare

  • Student environmentalists call for less auto emission

  • Shanghai holds eco-design fair to mark Earth Day

  • Three-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep honored for support of theatre

  • WonderCon embraces mega fans and reveals new programs

  • Kunqu Opera "The Peony Pavilion" goes to campus

  • Beckham named CCTV-5 ambassador

  • Marathon returns with strength

  • Barca come from behind to avoid fourth defeat in a row

  • Shandong Luneng beat Beijing Guoan 3-0

  • China is world´s top user of Internet

  • Internet shapes a Chinese version of Silicon Valley


Studio interview: Scale and pace of reforms vs expectations

Let’s get some analysis with Mr. Einar Tangen, current affairs commentator.

Exclusive: Chinese naval officer: Code helps to deal with maritime disputes

CCTV reporter Han Bin is at WPNS, where he interviewed Senior Captain Zhang Junshe, Vice-President of the Naval Research Institute of the PLA. Captain Zhang talked about the significance of a new code of navel conduct agreed to this morning.

Exclusive: US Admiral on WPNS cooperation

On the sidelines of the Symposium, our reporter Han Bin got a chance to interview a senior US navy officer, to ask about the US attitude towards the Asia-Pacific region, and the significance of the symposium in trying to boost naval coordination and security.

Insight: CCTV interviews translator of Gabo´s work

Gregory Rabassa, translator and author

Insight: Crossover: Colombia continues tribute to Gabo

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